Union Active August - staying strong

Union Active : in this issue : Reminder of the role meat workers play. The silly lunch breaks proposal from National and our members getting active in the election campaign.

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Updated COVID advice from your union

As we face a new lockdown period, the MWU remains fully committed and available to support MWU members throughout this time. As essential services, MWU sites in the Auckland region will be able to operate as per the Government’s COVID-19 guidelines for Auckland and the protocols developed with the union, Industry and MPI last time around for Level 3. All others outside the Auckland region on Level 2 must take COVID-19 health protection measures seriously and operate as per government and meat industry/ union advice. Please contact your local organiser, contact us through the JobsthatCount Facebook site or talk with your site officials and delegates. 
Stay safe, be kind and kia kaha.
Please keep an eye on www.covid19.govt.nz for the latest info.


Union Active July 2020

In this issue ; the loyal members of AFFCO, Worksafe prosecutions, Leptospirosis and Election 2020 

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MWU's priorities for election 2020

MWU has developed some priorities for election 2020.  You can read them here.

Union Active June 2020

In this issue, election coming up ; updates on new legislation, including Paid parental leave and profile on key leader at Pacific Silver Fern Farms.

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Union Active May 2020

In this issue : how our members have coped with COVID 19, what's happened overseas and the election coming up.

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Meat Workers members deserve recognition

By Eric Mischefski - NZ Meat Workers Union Organiser - Hawkes Bay

During the previous 5 weeks isolation under Covid 19, level 4, most meat processing plants and their downstream industries have continued to operate, albeit in reduced capacity, due to protocols around self-distancing and regulations determined by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI).

Most of the workers in these facilities adapted and got on with their jobs, acknowledging a degree of risk existed in doing so. A minority of workers were unable to work due to underlying health issues or childcare responsibilities.

The NZ Meat Workers Union (MWU) has been front and centre working with industry players like Ministry for Primary Industries (PI), the Meat Industry Association (MIA) and the government to enable processing to continue.

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Union Active April 2020

We are in this together

Never before, in our history have we as working people and NZers faced a threat like that of COVID-19.  MWU is working on the front line to support our members in an essential industry.  We know there are so many questions and we will keep you up to date as much as possible.  Today, here's our newsletter.

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Coronovirus advice to members

As the coronavirus threat expands MWU is working to ensure our members are safe, and also Meat Companies work with us. 

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