Jobs that Count - one year on

Just over a year ago, the NZ Meat Workers Union launched a new campaign for Job Security in the Meat Industry called Jobs that Count. This was a positive campaign where NZMWU union members sought to add their voice to how our number two export industry could succeed. 

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Why are the Talleys afraid of a t-shirt?

According to AFFCO Talley's managers at Rangiuru and Horotiu plants, wearing a green t shirt with Jobs that Count on the front and Workmates, Whanau, Community on the back to and from work is intimidating.  Tell us what you think.  

From the heart of a worker

Its been two weeks since the court delivered its historic decision finding that AFFCO Talleys had unlawfully locked out workers to gain their oppressive individual agreements, and they had breached good faith by undermining the Meat Workers Union and the collective bargaining.  It's still tough going for Talleys workers. This from a Wairoa worker tells the story. 

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Read the AFFCO decision

The AFFCO Talleys decision has a far reaching impact ; not only for AFFCO and other meat workers, but other seasonal workers.

You can read the full decision here

And watch out for updates as the Meat Workers Union seeks to have the judgement of the full court implemented as quickly as possible.  


A huge victory

Yesterday, Wairoa workers went to Parliament to tell the stories of how the actions of their local Freezing Works owned by AFFCO Talley is affecting them, their whanau and community.  In the midst of this, news came through that the Meat Workers Union had won the action against Talleys for unlawful lockout and unfair bargaining.

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Thank you Labour friends

Meat Workers Union members working for AFFCO Talley’s in their eight North Island plants welcome the support shown at the NZ Labour Party conference over the weekend. 

In an unusual move, a resolution moved by the NZ Labour Party President and seconded by the NZ Labour Union affiliates was passed unanimously.    

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Happy Labour Day - don't call us - we'll call you

Labour Day marks the struggle for an eight-hour working day. New Zealand workers were among the first in the world to claim this right when, in 1840, the carpenter Samuel Parnell won an eight-hour day in Wellington. Today, what does this mean for Meat Workers?

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John Campbell on Wairoa workers

John Campbell went to Wairoa to talk to the AFFCO Talleys workers who are now in their fourth week of being locked out of their jobs because they won't sign oppressive new individual agreements.  


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Silver Fern Farms sell-off doesn't get government off the hook

Media Release :

The Meat Workers Union says that the sell-off of half of New Zealand’s largest meat company to foreign interests is a result of a failure of government leadership on other options.
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Help AFFCO Talley's workers in Wairoa

Talley's Wairoa workers are holding out against signing an unfair individual agreement.  You can help them :  Go to this page to find out where to donate.


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