The big lay-off - zero hours in the Meat Industry

Right now, many meat workers are facing lay offs at the end of the season.  It starts with shorter days, then one shift gets laid off, then the next.  While some workers will work nearly all year round, most won't.  

What has provided a measure of protection for workers is the system of seniority - where those who have been at the plant longest get laid off last and get taken on first. 

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C'mon Talley's - do the right thing

Seasonal lay-offs are starting for AFFCO Talley's workers, but they still don't have a fair agreement.  

But there's a way you can help.

It's bad enough that Talley's want to cut the minimum weekly pay by more than $100 and have their workers work longer days for less, but they have now added 8 new things they want the workers to agree to as well.

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Workers need a voice in Meat Industry challenge

Media Release 

The Meat Workers Union supports positive initiatives that aim to make the Red Meat sector stronger and grow to its full potential, and with it jobs, pay and conditions, but the workers who actually do the processing need a voice as well , says Graham Cooke, Meat Workers Union National Secretary.

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Northland by-election : Moerewa matters

There's a by-election going on in Northland right now and in the heart of the electorate is the Freezing Works at Moerewa. Moerewa's a small town and workers, whanau, farmers and local businesses rely on the works.  But they also rely on the owners, AFFCO-Talley to treat their workers fairly. That's not happening. 

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Roberta on why a collective agreement counts

Roberta Ratu, meat worker and delegate at AFFCO Talley's Rangiuru plant speaks out about union members' concerns on where bargaining for a new collective agreement is heading, especially with new laws in place. Talley's say the new laws won't interfere with the negotiations.  Good. After 14 month's it's time to do the right thing and settle the agreement with your workers. 

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AFFCO-Talleys workers fear the worst from new employment laws

Media Release :

More than 1000 Meat Workers Union members employed by AFFCO-Talley’s at eight plants throughout the North Island are bracing themselves as new employment laws come into effect on Friday.

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Meet our Meat Workers - Tamara and Soraya

Meet Tamara and Soraya, the awesome team of Shed President and Secretary at Alliance, Levin. Tamara and Soraya are not the only women shed officials in the Meat Workers Union, but they are the only women in the Meat Workers Union who hold both positions of President and Secretary. Together with other delegates, they have increased union membership by around 50% and they're showing the way to other young women and men who want to get involved in the Meat Workers Union. 


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March 6th - not just any day.

Next Friday 6th March is not just another day for New Zealand workers. It's the day that the changes to employment laws brought in by the National Government begin. Bad employers will try to walk away from bargaining, pay new workers less than the collective and fine workers who take partial strike action.  

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As long as it takes....

More than anything, Meat Workers Union members employed by AFFCO-Talley’s want a union collective agreement.  They went through a harrowing 84 day lockout in 2012 to get their last union agreement settled, and they don’t want to go through that again. But it's hard going.  

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Countdown to Talley's negotiations

Bargaining for more than 1000 Meat Workers Union members with AFFCO Talley's is coming up on 11th February.  This will be the 10th day of negotiations since the agreement expired in December 2013 and workers are rightly concerned.  Your messages of support are giving them and their bargaining team a lot of heart. Keep them coming! Tell Talley's workers you're on their side here.

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