So now we wait

The election result wasn’t as clear cut as we hoped for.  We would have liked to have seen Labour and the Greens with a higher party vote so they could easily form a government.   But it’s not over yet.  This is MMP, which means that it is not necessarily the largest party who can form the government, but the one that can command the majority in Parliament.

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Vote as if your lives depend on it

More than 100 years ago, New Zealand workers helped form a new political party, called the NZ Labour Party.  It was formed on 8 July 1916 by unions of the early 20th century as a political arm of workers.  It came after earlier attempts to organise industrially, particularly by the miners at Waihi and the murder of unionist Frederick George Evans.  What's changed?

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After 2.5 years AFFCO workers win final appeal

The Supreme Court has dismissed AFFCO Talleys final appeal to the Supreme Court and agreed that hundreds of AFFCO workers were unlawfully locked out.   


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Four weeks to election day - time to change the government

It's less than four weeks until NZ goes to the poll to elect a new government on 23 September 2017.  What are Meat WorkersUnion members saying?1503483135780.jpg

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MWU thanks Andrew, welcomes Jacinda

The Meat Workers Union acknowledges Andrew Little in the hard decision he has made to step down from the Labour leadership and welcomes Jacinda Ardern and Kelvin Davis as the new leadership team in the Labour Party.
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Get ready to change the government

Fairton workers devastated about plant closure

Media Release : 

The Meat Workers Union says that members working at Fairton Meat Works are devastated about today’s announcement proposing to close the plant. Silver Fern Farms has today announced a two week consultation process and a final decision on the 31st May.

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Here's how to make your claim for Lean Meats smoko pay.

If you worked for Lean Meats after April 2009, read on to find out how to make your claim for backpay.  

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Ex Lean Meats MWU members could be due for backpay

Any former members of the Meat Workers Union who worked at Lean Meats Ltd from April 2009 who have since resigned could be owed money arising from the successful MWU action against the company for breach of smoko entitlements.

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Taylor Preston members settle a new agreement

After 18 bargaining meetings, mediation and eventually facilitation, MWU members at Taylor Preston have a new agreement.

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