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1000 MWU members who work for AFFCO Talleys have been trying to get a fair agreement for a year now.  Their old agreement expired a year ago and with new employment laws coming in on 6th March, your show of solidarity right now is just what they need to make another push.  

Talley's workers

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Tell Talley's workers you support them!

  • Caroline Evans
    endorsed 2015-01-21 15:43:27 +1300
    Awesome, sticking up for your rights .
  • posted about this on Facebook 2015-01-21 15:43:11 +1300
    Tell Talley's workers you support them!
  • sid aksoy
    endorsed 2015-01-21 15:42:49 +1300
    It is really not much to ask for a fair and reasonable agreement! Hold your ground and tell your employer that it is nothing radical, nothing out of the ordinary what you are asking for. Shame on AFFCO for not signing and letting you hang out there in limbo!

    Tu kotahi!

    Sid Aksoy

    Tertiary Education Union, branch president, Unitec, Auckland
  • Kashmir Saint-Vassante
    endorsed 2015-01-21 15:42:05 +1300
    You deserve to have proper wages to match the hard work that you do. With you all the way!
  • Tony Pickett
    endorsed 2015-01-21 15:27:45 +1300
    i am behind you all the way good luck guys
  • Vanessa Cole
    endorsed 2015-01-21 15:25:56 +1300
  • Dougal McNeill
    endorsed 2015-01-21 15:23:16 +1300
    Fully support your fight for decent wages and conditions in your agreement.
  • Nelson Labour
    endorsed 2015-01-21 15:19:58 +1300
  • Kaisa Beech
    endorsed 2015-01-21 15:10:23 +1300
  • Jocelyn Pratt
    endorsed 2015-01-21 14:50:40 +1300
    Its time to show some loyalty to your workers and negotiate with their union
  • Maureen Sudlow
    endorsed 2015-01-21 14:44:58 +1300
    I am totally in support of all of our workers getting a decent living wage. It is unbelievable that we lock workers into poverty while management keep voting themselves bigger and bigger increases.. Kia kaha
  • Emma Tobia
    endorsed 2015-01-21 14:42:23 +1300
    Come on Talleys. Your workers deserve better working agreements!!! New Zealand is now watching you!!

    Hang in there Talley workers. We’re right behind you.
  • Alan Gorton
    endorsed 2015-01-21 14:37:08 +1300
    C’mon Talley’s support your workers and give them a living wage.
  • TP Annette Annette
    endorsed 2015-01-21 14:11:31 +1300
    Support. Give people a living wage and time to spend with thier families.
  • russelle knaap
    endorsed 2015-01-21 14:11:22 +1300
    Nz era have become gutless and selfish. Fight the fight you will get support.
  • Murray Ssidaway
    endorsed 2015-01-21 14:03:19 +1300
    C’mon Talley’s support your workers and give them a decent agreement. I refuse to buy any of your products and will be informing all my friends and family to do the same until an agreement is reached
  • @SherylCadman tweeted link to this page. 2015-01-21 14:03:01 +1300
  • posted about this on Facebook 2015-01-21 14:03:01 +1300
    Tell Talley's workers you support them!
  • Sheryl Cadman
    endorsed via 2015-01-21 14:01:38 +1300
    Kia kaha comrades!
  • posted about this on Facebook 2015-01-21 13:56:45 +1300
    Tell Talley's workers you support them!
  • Jacqueline Herewini
    endorsed 2015-01-21 13:51:57 +1300
    Good luck guy’s’
  • Dave Phillips
    endorsed 2015-01-21 13:51:15 +1300
    In Solidarity comrade. Your fight is my fight.
  • Keely O'Carroll
    endorsed 2015-01-21 13:49:46 +1300
    As with any person in this country, you deserve a decent wage (read living wage) and decent working conditions .I have whanau working in this industry (some for over 30 years) and I can not believe the miserable money and conditions they are subjected to. I have been boycotting Talley’s products since this started. Keep it up!
  • posted about this on Facebook 2015-01-21 13:46:06 +1300
    Tell Talley's workers you support them!
  • Dayna Townsend
    endorsed via 2015-01-21 13:45:46 +1300
    Stand strong Comrades, we are all with you, today you fight on the front line, tomorrow it will be us. Kia Kaha, Kia Toa, Kia Manawanui! Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Steadfast and Sure!
  • Rachel Boyack
    endorsed 2015-01-21 13:45:24 +1300
    I come from the Nelson region – the place the Talleys are proud to call home. I’m proud to call Nelson home too. But I’m not proud of many things in our region – anti-Union behaviour, low “sunshine wages” and a seasonal workforce that can’t make plans for their futures and their families futures. It’s sad to say I’m not surprised that the Talleys haven’t settled this agreement. Come on Talleys! Give these workers a fair go! A collective agreement gives your workers some certainty, and the same for your company. A well paid, respected workforce is a happy and productive workforce. Your current approach benefits no one.
  • John Richardson
    endorsed 2015-01-21 13:44:15 +1300
    I whole heartedly support your efforts to protect workers rights. Keep fighting the good fight.
  • Brenda McQuillan
    endorsed 2015-01-21 13:42:26 +1300
    Stand strong, you are not alone and thank you for helping the next generation with your stand.
  • Kathy Fitzgerald
    endorsed 2015-01-21 13:28:17 +1300
    Hang in there the owners of Talley’s are wealthy and can afford to pay a decent wage. I will not buy Talleys product until they make a sensible offer. Don’t cave in and stand together
  • posted about this on Facebook 2015-01-21 13:27:56 +1300
    A year long fight for decent conditions is NOT on. Please show solidarity and Tell Talley's workers you support them!

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