100 union members targeted in AFFCO Talleys lay-off

Media Release : 100 union members and delegates targeted in AFFCO Talley’s Rangiuru layoff. 

Two union delegates reinstated on an interim basis just over a week ago by the Employment Relations Authority are among more than 100 union members who have been laid off at the Rangiuru AFFCO Talleys Works in a plan that appears to be designed by the Talley’s Group to defy court rulings says the NZ Meat Workers Union.

“Shed Secretary Bertie Ratu and delegate Charmaine Takai were sacked last year, when they attempted to talk to upset union members during their own time. The Employment Authority awarded them reinstatement on an interim basis a week ago.

 “Now they and around 100 union members, some with 35 to 45 years unblemished service at AFFCO Rangiuru have been laid off and preference given to inexperienced workers who the company has managed to get to sign their preferred individual agreement.

“AFFCO Talley’s doesn’t seem to care if it breaks the law, the workers’ employment agreement and Court rulings.   They are hell-bent on getting their way and are indifferent to the consequences for the workers, their families and the community.

 “The NZMWU has asked AFFCO Talley to explain, but has received no response.

 “Understandably, the workers are furious.  This comes on top of petty dictates about union tshirts, Waitangi Day issues and on-going breaches of the union agreement.    

 “The MWU will return to Court. Again. But in the meantime, the workers, their whanau and community will be bracing themselves for the impact of yet another assault on AFFCO Talley workers,” Ms Fenton says.

Update : According to Talley's there were only 60 union members laid off. If they had supplied the information requested by the MWU and delegates and consulted according to the rights of workers under the union agreement instead of telling them "delegates don't exist" the union would be able to report accordingly.  Of course, Talleys don't know who are union members anymore.  And there is still a question about why non union workers are being called back when union workers aren't.


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  • Geoff Direen
    commented 2016-03-08 20:54:18 +1300
    Once again Talleys being a law unto their own Big Bastards picking on the little people whom do the hard-yards at the coal-face and if it wasn’t for these folk they would’nt be where they are today Be Strong and fight together United We Stand – Divided We Fall Geoff Direen – Delegate – Vice President – Smithfield Timaru

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