Another big month for Meat Workers

Every month's a biggie if you work in a Talley's-owned meat works. But the 21at July Appeal Court hearing is huge. AFFCO Talley will try to overturn the Full Bench decision of November 2015 that saw hundreds of meat workers back at work on their old union agreements.

What’s disappointing is the intervention of the Meat Industry Association (MIA), representing the other big meat companies, including Silver Fern Farms, Alliance, ANZCO etc, who have expressed concern that the Court decision means all meat workers have continuous rights from season to season. While they say in their evidence they don’t intend to emulate AFFCO Talleys approach of trying to impose take it or leave it individual agreements, they might want to do so in the future! Warning.Warning. 

For years, the NZ Meat Workers Union has had a constructive and positive relationship with most of the larger Meat Companies.  It's only Talley's owned meat plants in AFFCO, SPM and Land Meats who have resisted the idea that their workers may actually add value to their business and should have collective rights that reflect this. 

But there is a limit. The Meat Workers Union will oppose the intervention of the Meat Industry Association in the Appeal and keep up the fight for job security for these loyal, hard working, long serving workers, no matter which company they work for.


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  • ashley burrows
    commented 2016-07-17 12:05:19 +1200
    In a working enviroment that is ruled by a cruel cold hearted employer we desparately need a MWU collective empoyment agreement.

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