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Its been two weeks since the court delivered its historic decision finding that AFFCO Talleys had unlawfully locked out workers to gain their oppressive individual agreements, and they had breached good faith by undermining the Meat Workers Union and the collective bargaining.  It's still tough going for Talleys workers. This from a Wairoa worker tells the story. 

"Well... What an up and down week and a half it's been...Wairoa STILL here. Sorry for the tardiness, but with so much happening, not just here but in all Affco/Talley sheds, things have say the least...pretty hectic. With the court case WIN one week behind us, surprise! surprise! nothings changed, well not here anyway, business as usual at our resource centre. Rangiuru have suspended their Shed President and a delegate without pay, union workers are being discriminated against... no OT, losing pre-op checks, etc. While here in Wairoa, they are trying to segregate union members to a 'special' shift which is effectively putting us on a night shift that never existed last season when we finished. 

Thinking of FAMILY at this time of year and how blessed I am. But wondering... what sort of childhood this family had, to create such selfish, self centred, egotistical children who have grown up to be such monsters...Thinking, can't have been much love in their home, so, so, SAD.
Cheers to the spirit of ALL our Union Family fighting this SAD (and I truly, honestly feel sorry for them), family

And now... To our Wonderful Earth Angels out there with us every week...Thank you all so very much. To those that have donated financially every week, or with words of support and encouragement, donations of gifts for our children, kind thoughts and well wishes, you are ALL absolutely PRICELESS!!! I know I've said this before, but honestly...Our heartfelt gratitude go out to you all. To YOU our extended FAMILY (because that's how we consider you all), your kindness, generosity, love and support is what truly makes FAMILY! We are proud to include you in ours.
We are having a whanau kids/fun day this Saturday the 5th starting at 9am and extend an invitation to you all, so if you just happen to be passing through Wairoa on Saturday, (that's state highway 2 halfway between Napier and Gisborne), we would be honoured to have you stop in. 

From our families to yours. Wishing you all the very Merriest of Christmas. God bless and keep you and your families safe through the holiday period."

Wairoa Union Whanau

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  • q
    commented 2016-03-23 10:17:42 +1300
    Isso sim é gerar valor de verdade.

    Gostei muito de tudo o que li aqui e recomendo que todos tenham uma grande notícia: tudo isso está sendo compartilhado pelo nosso grande amigo Flávio Becker especialista em gmail entrar

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  • George Raharuhi
    commented 2015-12-22 02:54:37 +1300
    Kia Ora Wairoa, and hope our Union whanau have a great Christmas. I am totally greatfull to have met you all in Taupo. My heart was filled with sadness but also with love for you all, but I guess thats us as a people with multi-cultural beliefs. Firstly I want to acknowledge all Our Wairoa Union Hard whanau who are doing what they beleive is right and not giving into the carrot being waved in front of you buy this cruel and evil family. You are strong and courageous, and you stand for everything I myself want to be and I thankyou all so very much for giving me the courage to speak when things are wrong. Even in your time of hardship you all find the will to smile, I found this sooo uplifting and I thankyou again. I left the meeting in Taupo knowing in myself that, I have to start pointing out a lot of disadvantages we face at Rangiuru, and fortunately I was helped by our plant manager when he targeted me for wearing our beautiful green shirts onto the plant and so my story with them begins, and I am greatful for that.

    Thankyou Wairoa Union Hard, for standing against the Talleys family, and showing the whole world, that great things can be done against the evil that is the TALLIES

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