The Meat Workers Union has launched a new campaign for more secure jobs in our industry where :

  • Meat Workers have employment certainty from season to season
  • Employers value the skills and commitment of the workers
  • Collective agreements are settled on reasonable terms
  • Meat Workers are safe at work and their input valued
  • Workers can join their union without discrimination or fear
  • The contribution of our community to this industry is valued.

Meat workers do an important job

We help feed the nation and contribute to a key NZ export industry. Many of us have worked in the industry for years and we are proud of what we do.

But, we've seen many changes, and it’s getting harder to make a living. Our work is becoming more casualised, seniority provisions are being undermined and union agreements harder to settle.  You can learn more about the Meat Workers Union from their website

We've worked hard for years to achieve some security

There are good employers in our industry, but they are being squeezed by those who use casualisation as a competitive advantage.

We know there are big challenges ahead, but meat workers shouldn't have to pay the price.

That’s why we want Jobs that Count!

Over the coming months you will see and hear more of this campaign.  




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