As long as it takes....

More than anything, Meat Workers Union members employed by AFFCO-Talley’s want a union collective agreement.  They went through a harrowing 84 day lockout in 2012 to get their last union agreement settled, and they don’t want to go through that again. But it's hard going.  

Workers have patiently negotiated for over a year, and spent 10 days at the bargaining table with their employer.

Their old collective agreement expired more than a year ago but Talley's has hardly moved on the changes they want to make to workers’ pay and conditions.

Yesterday, the company tabled eight new claims that are going to make it even more difficult to reach an agreement.  

Union members are worried about the impact of new employment laws, due to commence on March 6th that are going to make negotiating a fair agreement even more difficult. 

 They don’t want Talley’s to be the first company out of the starter blocks to test the new law.

 Meat Workers Union members will keep bargaining, for as long as it takes.  

 Your support makes a difference.  

Tell Talleys workers you'll be there with them, for as long as it takes. 

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