Bill's 7th budget - bet it makes no difference

The 7th budget delivered by Finance Minister Bill English for the National Government could deliver for meat workers if there was a bit of imagination around the Cabinet table.  Meat Workers, the hard working people who help make one of our most important export industries successful have a couple of ideas, if only the government were willing to listen. 

They could be honest enough to admit the current system is broken and many workers are being left behind. Two in every five families where children are living in poverty have parents in work.  40% of workers didn't get a pay increase last year, and that includes the thousands of workers employed by AFFCO Talley's, who haven't had a pay increase since 2013.

For that to change National would have to overturn their recent changes to collective bargaining rules and implement industry standards so companies like Talley's don't gain a competitive advantage by paying less.

They could also face up to the future and lead a tripartite forum to examine the future of the meat industry, where secure jobs, decent work and pay are part of the formula, instead of leaving it to the market.  

Meat Workers won't be holding their breath, but will continue to push for change, including changing the government.




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