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How would you feel if you contacted your local MP about a work issue and had your job threatened?  That's what happened to Bertie, a MWU Delegate and Butcher at Rangiuru who was threatened because she had the temerity to contact her local MP, Te Ururoa Flavell.


Well, in New Zealand, we are allowed to talk to our MPs, Ministers or otherwise.  We are allowed to contact them, and we are allowed to Facebook them, especially with the sensible and mild request Bertie made on Te Ururoa's Facebook.   She just said she was worried about what would happen and asked her MP to support our petition asking Talley's to do the right thing.  

Now Bertie needs our help.  It's not going to be easy for her because she spoke out. Her company has already said her future employment prospects are at risk.  The first thing you can do is sign the petition that Bertie was asking her MP to support.

The second thing you can do is tweet a message saying C'mon Talleys Do the Right Thing #StandwithBertie.

And thirdly, you can volunteer to help on this campaign.  Bertie and her workmates need all of us to pitch in now.  

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