Elections that matter coming up

Local Body elections are coming up fast and they matter to MWU members. So many decisions made by Local Council affect their day to day lives, including those that impact on their jobs and plant. Nominations for candidates close on 12th August and the electoral roll closes the same day.  MWU members voices need to be heard.

Every day ordinary working families are affected by decisions our city, district or regional council has made. Many of your activities are dependent on services provided by your local city, district or regional council. These range from water flowing freely from your taps, applying for a building permit, finding a car park, visiting the library, taking your kids to the park, putting out the rubbish for collection, to walking your dog at night along well-lit streets.

But most of all it's about who pays their fair share. And that's where MWU members come in.  While ordinary families struggle with rates bills, you will often find big companies in your district not paying theirs.  We want our kids to grow up in the places we value, where our environment is protected, but you might find that some big companies don't think that way.  

In fact, what they often do is hold Local Councils to ransom, threatening to take away crucial jobs if they don't get special treatment.

This election, MWU will be asking candidates how they will be supporting local jobs, local communities and the future of our kids.  It may be an uncomfortable discussion, but it's time for it to be held.  

So the first job is to make sure you are registered to vote. Your second job will be to identify candidates who support local jobs - and not at any cost.  MWU will have some hard questions once candidates are known. Fair treatment, recognition of unions and corporate responsibility all count for you and your family.  

This is an election that matters.  


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