Four weeks to election day - time to change the government

It's less than four weeks until NZ goes to the poll to elect a new government on 23 September 2017.  What are Meat WorkersUnion members saying?1503483135780.jpg

While the MWU is affiliated to the Labour Party and have had input into their policy, they have also made contributions to the Green Party and NZ First.  MWU makes its decisions through national conference on the basis of the parties that have the best interests of meat workers. 

But the election of Jacinda Ardern as leader of the Labour Party has made a difference. Jacinda attended the MWU conference in May and her genuine interest in our issues impressed members.  Here's what some members are saying now :

Kara Iraia – AFFCO Manawatu

“We need to have a Labour led government if we are to survive as a nation.  Jacinda Ardern is our future & has many great ideas that will benefit ALL New Zealanders.  She definitely gets my vote, especially after all the support she has given to our union over the years.”   

Jason Carruthers - Finegand

"There won't be a change for working people if the vote does not go in favour of the Labour Party, I have met and talked to Jacinda Ardern along with others from the MWU and you would not meet a nicer, down to earth person with the interests of the lower paid in mind. SO get out there my friends and give Jacinda the chance to help the lot of us. 

Tony Scott -  ANZCO

"Im voting for Labour and Jacinda Ardern because I want to make sure our young people have the same opportunities I did. Workplace rights, housing and decent work are all at the top of my list when it comes to voting."

Tom Latimer - Pukeuri

"I'm backing Jacinda because she cares about what I care about : good, clean abundant water, a better future for my children and grandchildren, affordabble housing, a good health system, fair labour laws - all those great Kiwi values that have been trashed by the National Party.  So, I'm backing Jacinda to back me!"

Enrol to vote

If you haven't got around to enrolling yet, it's not too late.  You can enrol at

Voting early

Early voting starts on the 11 September.  Get in early so you don't forget!

Election Day - 23 September. 

If you are voting on election day, figure out where your nearest polling booth is.  Take your whanau with you and make voting a family thing.  Check with your workmates and remind them to vote as well.

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