Happy Holidays

Its been an up and down year for Meat Workers Union members.  But after we've rested over the holiday period, we will be back. Stronger than ever! 


This is the time when workers get together with friends and whanau to reflect on the year and pledge to make the New Year better for everyone.

It’s been an up and down year for Meat Workers.  For some, it’s been life as usual. For many others, it’s meant shorter seasons, less income and more challenges.  Some have lost their jobs, and others are facing an uncertain future where indications of closures have been raised. Thousands of workers, like those who work for AFFCO and SPM Talley’s still have no collective agreements, despite a year of Employment Court decisions.

On the plus side, the Meat Workers Union has come out of the year stronger, with a real dialogue now taking place about how we meet existing and future challenges.  We’ve had some big wins in court and we are organising together across branches.  There is a real chance to change the government in elections 2017.  

As all Meat Workers know, nothing happens on its own, or by the goodwill of employers. We've fought for years to get where we are and in 2017 we will stand together, stronger and more determined than ever.

There are many people, workers, unions, community groups, international organisations and politicians who helped us with some of the fights we faced in 2016. We owe you our thanks.  You've been there for us ; we will be there for you.  Thats what solidarity means. 

All the best for the holiday season. 

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