Helen Kelly - never forgotten

The thing about Helen is that everyone loved her : all of us who knew her, worked with her, came into contact with her, fought alongside her, felt that we were special. Knowing Helen was like that and now we share our grief at her loss. 

Among all the stories and tributes about the life and work of the extraordinary Helen Kelly, there is none more important to meat workers than how she stood alongside them in the awful Talleys lockout of 2012. It was Helen who got the company to the  table, along with Iwi leaders. It was Helen who travelled to Motueka with the workers to protest outside the Talleys mansion and stood on the picket lines. It was Helen who organised the country-wide support from the union movement, as well as international leverage.  And even as she fought her last great battle, it was Helen Kelly in 2016, standing with these workers again, as they face yet another assault from the Talleys owned meat company AFFCO.

Meat Workers Union members mourn her loss. And and we will do what she would expect. We organise and keep on fighting.

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