Jobs that Count is a campaign to support all meat workers in New Zealand and bring a stronger voice for the workers who help make this industry successful. 

Together, we win. Tens of thousands workers work in this key export industry and around 20,000 of them join the Meat Workers Union every year.  Generations of meat workers, supported by their families and communities have fought for decent work and huge gains have been made over decades.

From the large plants to the smaller ones ; from the South Island to the North Island ; from good employers to awful ones, the Meat Workers Union has a clear set of values and goals :

  • Justice and dignity at work and safe work environments.
  • Fairness for current workers and the next generation of meat workers.
  • Influence and a say in our industry and the political systems that govern us.

Jobs that Count brings this into focus with the following aims :


  • Employment security from season to season
  • Skills and commitment of workers valued
  • Collective agreements settled on fair terms
  • Hard won pay and conditions preserved.
  • Safe work and fair treatment.
  • Workers can join union without fear.
  • A voice in the industry as change happens

Jobs that Count is a campaign for all meat workers. It's about valuing past contribution and ensuring our work is valued and respected.


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