Everyone else can't be wrong

As Talley's steps up its attack on the Meat Workers Union for speaking out on social and other media, the word is spreading across NZ and borders.  Talley's say everyone else's view is unreasonable, misleading, a breach of good faith and that any criticism should be muzzled.  Others see it differently.  

Today, the Australian Meat Industry Employees Union distributed this to their members.

Yesterday, the IUF, posted this on its website to its millions of members throughout the world.  

Meantime, the Rangiuru plant is shutting down for the seasonal layoff; workers will have to find other work for the next couple of months.  The early lay-off where union members were dumped out of seniority is being challenged, but the company wants to put that off until after they have appealed the Employment Court decisions.

Rangiuru shed officials Bertie Ratu and Charmaine Takai are still waiting for their Employment Authority hearing after they were dismissed late last year. 32 Wairoa workers who stood with fellow union members, but who were not covered by the Employment Court decision are still without work.

Almost every union member who returned to work on the union agreement has issues about breaches of the union agreement and shed officials are in the process of collating these. All compensation claims for the unlawful lockouts determined by the Employment Court are on hold by the company while they drag the issues through the Appeal Court. 

Talleys wants everyone to shut up, but the Meat Workers Union has pledged to stand with all Talley's workers whether they work for AFFCO or South Pacific Meats.  

If you think the MWU is wrong. Tell us.  We're not afraid of dissent or debate.

But surely not everyone else who disagrees with Talley's can be wrong?

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  • Geoff Direen
    commented 2016-05-09 18:39:56 +1200
    Hi Bertie and Charmaine and all ur fellow Meatworkers.It goes without saying bloody Talleys are wrong and as you say they are very forgetful of how they have attained their standings in the Business Community and the accolades that go with it.We hope that the same allegiance and work ethics that u’ve all as Freezing Workers shown to this Company will once again come to the fore,and the Powers that Be, will recognize these traits and act upon them.Stay Strong…

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