Lockout or knockout?

It’s only a couple of weeks since the head of the Talley’s Group, Sir Peter Talley, was knighted for services to business and philanthropy.  But you have to wonder what the thousands of years of collective service of hard working union members in the Talley’s owned meat works at Rangiuru count for with the latest action by Sir Peter’s company AFFCO.


In a repeat of 2012, the company is asking workers to sign new individual agreements before they return to work after the season.  The Company say they are new workers despite years of previous service.

The NZ Meat Workers Union says this is an unlawful lockout and are seeking an injunction in the Employment Court to prevent the company denying workers a return to work after the season with a view to compelling them to accept new individual employment agreements.

The workers are expressing their deep disappointment that they are going through the same arguments of three years ago and their company seems to want it all their way, or it’s the highway.

“This is our town, our home, our jobs.  Many people are affected by the changes AFFCO want to make to our pay and conditions” say the workers.

 “All we want is a fair go, and we want to believe the best of Sir Peter Talley.

“Perhaps he should come to our town to talk with his workers about what service really means."

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  • Felipe Moraes
    commented 2016-07-16 07:55:51 +1200
    That story linda, I really enjoyed it. But onfira the testimony of the star Adriane Galisteu on the Ageless from Jeunesse in a video channel Luke Trentino – http://shameonyoublogueira.com/instantly-ageless-jeunesse
  • Malcolm Deans
    commented 2015-06-10 18:52:52 +1200
    That should read “with our hands tied” of course. Lolz
  • Malcolm Deans
    commented 2015-06-10 18:49:56 +1200
    Solidarity greetings from Unions Otago. We will support you in any way we can like we did three years ago! Sooner or later one group of well organised workers will need to take on the anti-strike laws in this country head on. Until we do we are fighting without our hands tied. Until then can I suggest a levy on every trade union member in the country, maybe a $1 per week, to support any worker who is locked out?
  • Bertie Ratu
    commented 2015-06-10 16:45:21 +1200
    Mr Talley, is $300 million not enough for you and your family? You want to deprive my family of time and money because you feel you don’t have enough for yours? Nice one Talleys 100% New Zealand
  • Lindsay Kerr
    commented 2015-06-10 15:45:04 +1200
    wth (what the hell) why do you need to contact my private details with my doctor all access no way in hell if i saw this on the internet i would say spam virus, well its about the same sir virus i say !!! unfair play by talleys /affco going around the collective again FO
  • @jobsthatcount tweeted this page. 2015-06-09 16:25:56 +1200

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