AFFCO-Talleys workers fear the worst from new employment laws

Media Release :

More than 1000 Meat Workers Union members employed by AFFCO-Talley’s at eight plants throughout the North Island are bracing themselves as new employment laws come into effect on Friday.

Over the last 14 months AFFCO-Talley’s have been stalling on collective agreement negotiations with 10 unproductive days of bargaining, and eight new demands added just three weeks ago.

They want workers to accept cuts of more than $100 to their weekly minimum pay and work longer days for less.

“It’s hard to believe that Talley’s are genuine about settling the collective agreement,” says Mike Nahu, Meat Workers Union President.

“Talley’s workers believe their company is relying on these draconian law changes that enable them to walk away from bargaining and get what they want through individual agreements.

“Workers are fearful, but at the same time determined. They know Talley’s don’t like union agreements and they have a history of going all out to get what they want. Our hard working members want Talley’s to prove them wrong.”

“Talley’s must show that they won’t be taking advantage of the government’s nasty new laws, do the right thing and settle the agreement on fair terms as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will confirm that everything the National government said about these changes being “modest” was just rubbish," Nahu said.


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  • Kathy Collier
    commented 2015-03-06 11:22:12 +1300
    Union hard to the bitter end talleys are a unfair company and its becoming dangerous to work in their company less experianced manning more hours is dangerous for the meat industry. All our union is asking for is for talleys to be fair and keep us safe!!!!!

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