Meet Melissa - MWU member going places

Melissa Cosgrove is a seasonal meat worker, working in between her study at Victoria University.  She's just been elected Young Labour's Affiliates Rep, which means she is the official voice for young workers in the Labour Party Union affiliates group.  


She says :

"I support Jobs that Count because meat workers deserve job security!

I was lucky enough to meet the most amazing, hard-working and down to earth people while working at Sliver Fern Farms in Pareora, people who were working their guts out to provide a decent income for their families. However, even in the height of the season, the middle of summer, there was no assurance of hours; this was especially frustrating and stressful for people making it almost impossible to plan their finances and lives.  

My Dad was also a meat worker for thirty years. I remember him getting particularly stressed around May or June about how long the season was going to last and how long the off season was going to be.  This caused him a considerable amount of distress every year as he was left wondering how long he would be without his main form of income and how he would provide for his family during the time of the off season. 

I joined the labour and union movement because we need collective action to force these employers to treat their workers fairly and with respect!"


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