Meet our Meat Workers - Tamara and Soraya

Meet Tamara and Soraya, the awesome team of Shed President and Secretary at Alliance, Levin. Tamara and Soraya are not the only women shed officials in the Meat Workers Union, but they are the only women in the Meat Workers Union who hold both positions of President and Secretary. Together with other delegates, they have increased union membership by around 50% and they're showing the way to other young women and men who want to get involved in the Meat Workers Union. 


Tamara was elected Shed President last year, and fits in her union work around her busy life with three kids.  Tamara wowed supporters at the launch of Jobs that Count back in December last year, telling how she gets up at 4am so she can get her kids ready, hand them over to her mum and get to work to meet the demands of her job.  She's motivated by wanting to make change for the better for union members at her workplace, and in the Meat Workers Union. 

Soraya's just been elected Secretary after taking over as delegate of the ground floor at the beginning of the year.  She's been a union member since she began working at Alliance 5 years ago in the red offal room, where she was put almost straight onto the knives. Soraya says it's a pretty physical job. She's looking forward to learning more and getting to know about other plants, and helping build her union.  



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