Merry Xmas and all the things

2017 was a full-on year;  we won some big victories, we settled some big agreements and best of all we changed the government. It's time to say thanks to all of you.  Our members, our workplace leaders and the many supporters. 


"This is a time to celebrate.  But it's also time to say thanks.  

I want to thank our shed officials, delegates and members, along with our hard-working elected branch officials.  Together we made some big strides in 2017, but there are many challenges ahead.   However with a new more worker friendly government in power, we have a chance to influence the direction of our industry and how ordinary working people are treated. 2018 is going to be a very busy year for the Meat Workers Union, especially making sure that our voices are heard in the Halls of Power, in the way they haven't been for the last nine years."  Graham Cooke, National Secretary.



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