MWU conference speaks out on Talley's

Meat Workers Union delegate leaders at the National Conference have reiterated their strong support for their workmates employed by the Talley's Group with a strongly worded resolution and an unequivocal message.

"That this National Conference of the Meat Workers Union expresses deep concern about the on-going issues with the Talley’s Group of companies in the meat industry and in particular :

-      The apparent unwillingness of the Talley’s Group to conclude collective agreements in any of their plants;

-      The number of legal cases that are required because of non-compliance with the law; and

-      The intimidation and disrespect shown to workers who seek to exercise their freedom to associate as members of the NZ Meat Workers Union.

We call on Talley’s to enter into constructive dialogue and negotiation with the union in the same way other meat companies do.

We affirm our strong support for our fellow workers and authorise the union to take all necessary steps to ensure that our members employed by Talley’s-owned companies can exercise their human and legal rights to join the union and bargain collectively."



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