MWU thanks Andrew, welcomes Jacinda

The Meat Workers Union acknowledges Andrew Little in the hard decision he has made to step down from the Labour leadership and welcomes Jacinda Ardern and Kelvin Davis as the new leadership team in the Labour Party.

"By stepping down, Andrew has shown what a great leader he really is. He's put the interests of working people ahead of his own ambition and recognised that Labour cannot stand by and let the National Party win another three years in government," says Graham Cooke, National Secretary of the Meat Workers Union (MWU).

"The consequences of a fourth term National-led government are dire, whatever its makeup is.  Andrew, with years of experience in the union movement understands that. So, despite our sadness that Andrew is stepping down the Meat Workers Union unequivocally supports the new leadership team of Jacinda Ardern and Kelvin Davis."

"Jacinda has a great record with Meat Workers Union members.  She gathered up Xmas presents from other Labour caucus members for locked out workers and then drove all the way to Wairoa to deliver them, ensuring the kids of Wairoa AFFCO MWU members had a better Xmas."  

"She did this without fanfare or publicity but in her quiet way, won the support of those and other meat workers.

"Kelvin Davis is well known at the AFFCO site in Moerewa, particularly for his support during the terrible lockout of 2012.

"Both these Labour Party leaders have demonstrated they care about our members in a deeply personal way and in return, our members will support them.  

"We believe that Labour has a great policy for working people, especially in employment relations.  We remain committed to fighting to change the government.  

"Our members will get behind Jacinda and Kelvin," says Mr Cooke.  



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