Bill's 7th budget - bet it makes no difference

The 7th budget delivered by Finance Minister Bill English for the National Government could deliver for meat workers if there was a bit of imagination around the Cabinet table.  Meat Workers, the hard working people who help make one of our most important export industries successful have a couple of ideas, if only the government were willing to listen. 

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When a tea break is not a tea break

Tea breaks were in the news recently when the National Government's anti-worker laws changed.  The Meat Industry Association that represents most meat companies supported the changes to "more flexible rest and meal breaks".  The latest  Employment Authority decision between the NZMWU and Lean Meats shows just what can happen when proper breaks are substituted with "compensatory measures" instead of a proper break.

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Shocking Tactics by Bully Employer

Media Release : NZ Meat Workers Union

Campbell Live’s exposure of the bully tactics of a New Zealand employer, Talley’s owned AFFCO comes as no surprise says Graham Cooke, National Secretary of the Meat Workers Union.

“Roberta Ratu (Bertie), a Meat Workers Union member has bravely spoken out about her experience of asking her local MP for help. The reaction with threats about her future employment is typically over the top.

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Stand with Bertie

How would you feel if you contacted your local MP about a work issue and had your job threatened?  That's what happened to Bertie, a MWU Delegate and Butcher at Rangiuru who was threatened because she had the temerity to contact her local MP, Te Ururoa Flavell.


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Meet Melissa - MWU member going places

Melissa Cosgrove is a seasonal meat worker, working in between her study at Victoria University.  She's just been elected Young Labour's Affiliates Rep, which means she is the official voice for young workers in the Labour Party Union affiliates group.  


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MWU conference speaks out on Talley's

Meat Workers Union delegate leaders at the National Conference have reiterated their strong support for their workmates employed by the Talley's Group with a strongly worded resolution and an unequivocal message.

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The big lay-off - zero hours in the Meat Industry

Right now, many meat workers are facing lay offs at the end of the season.  It starts with shorter days, then one shift gets laid off, then the next.  While some workers will work nearly all year round, most won't.  

What has provided a measure of protection for workers is the system of seniority - where those who have been at the plant longest get laid off last and get taken on first. 

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C'mon Talley's - do the right thing

Seasonal lay-offs are starting for AFFCO Talley's workers, but they still don't have a fair agreement.  

But there's a way you can help.

It's bad enough that Talley's want to cut the minimum weekly pay by more than $100 and have their workers work longer days for less, but they have now added 8 new things they want the workers to agree to as well.

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Workers need a voice in Meat Industry challenge

Media Release 

The Meat Workers Union supports positive initiatives that aim to make the Red Meat sector stronger and grow to its full potential, and with it jobs, pay and conditions, but the workers who actually do the processing need a voice as well , says Graham Cooke, Meat Workers Union National Secretary.

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Northland by-election : Moerewa matters

There's a by-election going on in Northland right now and in the heart of the electorate is the Freezing Works at Moerewa. Moerewa's a small town and workers, whanau, farmers and local businesses rely on the works.  But they also rely on the owners, AFFCO-Talley to treat their workers fairly. That's not happening. 

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