Fairton workers devastated about plant closure

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The Meat Workers Union says that members working at Fairton Meat Works are devastated about today’s announcement proposing to close the plant. Silver Fern Farms has today announced a two week consultation process and a final decision on the 31st May.

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Here's how to make your claim for Lean Meats smoko pay.

If you worked for Lean Meats after April 2009, read on to find out how to make your claim for backpay.  

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Ex Lean Meats MWU members could be due for backpay

Any former members of the Meat Workers Union who worked at Lean Meats Ltd from April 2009 who have since resigned could be owed money arising from the successful MWU action against the company for breach of smoko entitlements.

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Taylor Preston members settle a new agreement

After 18 bargaining meetings, mediation and eventually facilitation, MWU members at Taylor Preston have a new agreement.

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AFFCO and NZ Meat Workers Union settle new agreement

AFFCO and the New Zealand Meat Workers Union have ratified a new collective agreement for a two-year term.

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Time for a better deal for Taylor Preston workers

MWU members at Taylor Preston Ltd (TPL) in Ngaraunga Gorge have been in bargaining for a new collective agreement since last April. So who is TPL?  And more importantly who are their workers? 

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What's ahead in 2017 for Meat Workers?

The biggest multi plant collective agreement in the meat industry has been settled between MWU & Alliance. MWU & Silver Fern Farms head to negotiations this year.  AFFCO Talleys workers continue their long road in getting a fair agreement.  But the biggest challenge in 2017 is changing the government. 

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Happy Holidays

Its been an up and down year for Meat Workers Union members.  But after we've rested over the holiday period, we will be back. Stronger than ever! 


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The latest Court actions from AFFCO Talley's (updated)

AFFCO Talley has issued two more proceedings today in the Employment Court and the Supreme Court to try to overturn decisions made in the favour of workers. None of this was unexpected, but they are disappointing all the same. 

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Back to mediated collective negotiations with AFFCO Talleys

The NZ Meat Workers Union and AFFCO Talleys have been ordered back to mediation by the Employment Court to try to agree on and settle a collective agreement for union members.  NZ Meat Workers Union members are ready to play their part. 

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