If Talley's are the good guys, why doesn’t Johnny have his job back?

In the midst of all the legal action last year between the NZMWU and AFFCO/Talleys, while some workers went back to work, some workers got shut out of going back to work. 

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A big shout out to MWU shed leaders and delegates

Successful NZ Meat Industry companies recognise that Meat Workers Union members elected as officials and delegates on their sites add value to their business. Like it or not, there is high density of union membership in the NZ Meat Industry and this needs to be respected.  

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Talley’s fined after punishing workers for distributing union leaflet


Talley’s owned South Pacific Meats (SPM) has been ordered by the Employment Relations Authority to pay a worker more than $35,000 after she was subjected to unjustified action and unjustified dismissal for distributing a Meat Workers Union newsletter at the company’s Awarua plant.

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Everyone else can't be wrong

As Talley's steps up its attack on the Meat Workers Union for speaking out on social and other media, the word is spreading across NZ and borders.  Talley's say everyone else's view is unreasonable, misleading, a breach of good faith and that any criticism should be muzzled.  Others see it differently.  

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Social media is a breach of good faith - says Talley's.

Is social media commentary on twitter, Facebook, websites and other internet forums a breach of good faith?  Talley's think it is with their latest application in the Employment Authority for an "interim compliance order" requiring the Meat Workers Union to effectively shut down all of its social and internet media, including this site.  

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The legal fight goes on - but just one brick in our wall

AFFCO Talleys have been granted leave to appeal against the Full Bench decision of the Employment Court last year.  Its means the legal run around continues, but none of this was unexpected.

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Ethical Trading - it can't be ignored by NZ companies

There are many international companies who have signed the Ethical Trading Initiative along with unions and NGOs. From the distance of our small country it could seem irrelevant, but there are companies with products supplied by NZ companies who believe that shouldn't include breaches of worker and human rights. 

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Contract cleaners in meat works have rights.

A decision from the Employment Relations Authority shows it pays to be vigilant about contracting out of cleaners in the Meat Industry. While many cleaners are directly employed, some meat employers have contracted out their work and in doing so, ignored their rights. 

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100 union members targeted in AFFCO Talleys lay-off

Media Release : 100 union members and delegates targeted in AFFCO Talley’s Rangiuru layoff. 

Two union delegates reinstated on an interim basis just over a week ago by the Employment Relations Authority are among more than 100 union members who have been laid off at the Rangiuru AFFCO Talleys Works in a plan that appears to be designed by the Talley’s Group to defy court rulings says the NZ Meat Workers Union.

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Every day, every week - as long as it takes

The last couple of weeks have seen some victories for Talleys meat workers.  The Courts are coming down hard on this company, with judgements against them and fines piling up.  But Talley workers know theres a long way to go.  And they're not giving up anytime soon. 

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