Northland by-election : Moerewa matters

There's a by-election going on in Northland right now and in the heart of the electorate is the Freezing Works at Moerewa. Moerewa's a small town and workers, whanau, farmers and local businesses rely on the works.  But they also rely on the owners, AFFCO-Talley to treat their workers fairly. That's not happening. 

Meat Workers don't expect the National and Act Party to care about their issues.  After all, the last National MP, Mike Sabin, drove right past picketing workers in Moerewa when they were locked out for 84 days.  But it would be great if the other candidates could take a moment to find out what's happening for these workers and speak out for them.  If we want to send a message to Wellington about Northland being neglected, we should also send a message that we expect AFFCO-Talleys to do the right thing by Moerewa workers and the community.  Cutting their weekly pay by more than $100 a week and expecting them to work longer days for less is not treating them fairly.  

This picture was done by Quilah, a Year 1 student at Moerewa School in 2012.  


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