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You’ve probably seen our green ‘Jobs That Count’ T-shirts around the place. From picket lines to parliament, these shirts are one way MWU members express pride and unity in our union whanau.  

The shirts have been making headlines recently. They've become so famous that museums want to exhibit them, international organisations want to display them and polliticians and high profile people want to wear them.  

Talleys workers don’t have to deal with customers, and they wear "whites" on the job, but Talleys have banned our MWU members from even turning up to work in these shirts. They have called them ‘intimidating’ and likened them to gang insignia. 

Jobs that Count. Workmates, Whanau, Community. Why on earth is that message intimidating? But unbelievably, Talleys have even stood down workers without pay for wearing the shirts and there's been disciplinary action. 

Now’s your chance to join us in showing that Kiwis won't tolerate this. Buy a T-shirt today and wear it with pride.

Each t-shirt costs $20 but we welcome any donations to our fighting fund at the same time. There's still around 200 locked out workers at Wairoa, MWU has huge legal costs to pay and we are supporting other workers who are without work because they've been dismissed.

Please consider giving a little extra to make sure our campaign can remain as strong as possible.  If you'd like to order more than one t-shirt please email Sam Gribben directly with the exact number and sizes you need.   

Please transfer the amount you'd like to pay into our bank account. 

02 0865 001007 200

Use your name in the reference field, and "tshirt" in the particulars field.

Thanks for your support!

Please read our Terms and Conditions before making your payment. 

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