Half truths, mistruths and outright lies

That's what a Talleys manager called the Jobs that Count social media last week in his excuse for banning tshirts. Sure Talley hate criticism, but you have to wonder why they think there is so much bad press about them compared to other meat companies. Read here and take the tshirt quiz.

It's now up to Talleys to tell everyone what are the half truths, mistruths and outright lies that they say emanate from social media led by the Meat Workers Union. Or perhaps a better way would be to recognise their workers have a voice through their union and sit down and sort this mess out?

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  • George Raharuhi
    commented 2016-01-10 12:53:41 +1300
    How are they( The Tallies ) going to bring themselves to actually tell the truth, and not half truths, mis truths, and out right lies

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