So now we wait

The election result wasn’t as clear cut as we hoped for.  We would have liked to have seen Labour and the Greens with a higher party vote so they could easily form a government.   But it’s not over yet.  This is MMP, which means that it is not necessarily the largest party who can form the government, but the one that can command the majority in Parliament.

All eyes on Winston Peters, and he has made promises to meat workers and working people such as a $20 minimum wage, Living Wage, supporting pay equity and many other things.    

Jacinda has done an amazing job for our Labour Party.  In just 54 days she has increased our party vote by more than 10%. Labour has 17 new MPs including some from the union movement and from regions where Meat Workers hardly have a voice.

We’ve won three new seats in Christchurch Central, Ohariu and Wairiki. 

Our Maori members in the North Island have been active, pushing Labour’s Tamati Coffey over the line to win in Wairiki. 

We all know the tax lies by National will have scared some into voting for the status quo.  We saw this in meat works where bosses were telling workers a vote for Labour would mean they would get no pay rise.

This is the bosses tricks.  We know they do this in their own self interest.

 But in the rural votes, there was a huge swing to Labour and that shows you didn’t buy into that. 

 So now we wait.

Over the next two weeks, we hope a coalition in favour of workers will be formed.

If not, we gear up for the next campaign of our lives, knowing we have a strong group of MPs in Labour and if New Zealand First is in government, we call them to account as well. 

It’s what we do. And we truly believe the election on September 23rd has set in train a real change for working people.  We can’t be stopped.


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