Stand together

The Meat Workers Union will stand with Talleys meat workers at AFFCO and SPM as long as it takes. We welcome the involvement of Iwi and the support that continues to gather pace.

Its been a hard few days. Talleys AFFCO have chucked everything at union members with all the tricks in the union busting playbook. But if anything, it's strengthened the resolve of unions, workers and communities to stand together.

The MWU is open to all ideas.  Our thousands of members are committed to doing anything to help make life better for Talley's workers. 

But what we will never accept is giving up the right to join a union that is free from interference, to organise together in that union and the right to bargain collectively. These are rights guaranteed by international labour and human rights conventions, and even by our own much weakened labour laws.

Stand together!




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