Taylor Preston members settle a new agreement

After 18 bargaining meetings, mediation and eventually facilitation, MWU members at Taylor Preston have a new agreement.

Taylor Preston (TPL) has a history of low wage rates, ranging from $2 to $10 an hour below industry norms.

 But this time around, the nearly 400 MWU members, led by Shed President Claude Preston decided to stand up, with a ten week ban on overtime.    

Claude was hauled up for disciplinary action for going into work outside of his work hours to support union members and talk to the non union members.  The MWU intervened and that was shelved.

As a result of the determination of Taylor Preston MWU members, their new collective has an increase of double the company’s original wage offer,  a reduction in hours before overtime is paid, and the night cleaning team gaining an additional 50 cents an hour.

This a major step forward for MWU members, thanks to their staunchness and determination in their fight for fairness.


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