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Meat Workers Union members working for AFFCO Talley’s in their eight North Island plants welcome the support shown at the NZ Labour Party conference over the weekend. 

In an unusual move, a resolution moved by the NZ Labour Party President and seconded by the NZ Labour Union affiliates was passed unanimously.    

The resolution read :

"That this Labour Party conference notes with growing concern the situation for working people at AFFCO Talleys plants in the North Island, where workers in Wairoa are now in the 6th week of being locked out and workers in other AFFCO plants have returned to work under pressure on individual agreements that are unfair and unsafe.

"The Labour Party believes it is not acceptable for any company, including the Talley’s Group, to persistently oppose the right of workers to join unions and collectively bargain in all of their businesses.

"We stand with these working people in our determination for a fairer New Zealand, where every worker has the right to join a union, to bargain collectively and to be treated fairly at work.“

A collection taken up raised $2748.30 from the floor of the conference.

There is deep concern and empathy for the workers employed by AFFCO Talley’s and how their actions are impacting on workers, whanau and communities.

The support from the political wing of the labour movement means a lot to AFFCO Talley’s meat workers.  It sends a strong message that they are not alone, that there is a political voice for working people and many people in NZ who are prepared to stand up for decent work.

It also sends a strong message that a future Labour led government won't tolerate this kind of flouting of basic rights.


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  • Sheree Heath
    commented 2015-11-10 11:31:51 +1300
    I truly hope that there will be changes implemented soon that protect the rights of all workers Re:Freedom of choice to join Unions…Re:upgrade of Health and Safety Issues..Re :A Fair Rate of pay and hours that give employees a sense of security.

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