Time for Jobs that Count in the Meat Industry

Wednesday 17th December 2014

The NZ Meat Workers Union will launch a new national campaign to highlight job insecurity in the Meat Industry this afternoon in Palmerston North. 

“Meat Workers face it all”, says Graham Cooke, National Secretary. 

“Seasonal work, dangerous jobs, casual and zero hours contracts, and increasing pressure on workers to join non-union individual agreements.

“As if that’s not enough, the government’s recent Employment Law changes mean meat workers will face a tougher time settling collective agreements and earning a decent living.

“More than 20,000 meat workers provide their labour for this critical NZ export industry, yet their job security is on more shaky ground than ever.

“Long established seniority provisions that enabled loyal, reliable, dependable and skilled workers to return to work after each season are being undermined by some companies.

“When meat workers don’t thrive, communities, local businesses and schools all suffer too.  We know the industry is facing challenges, but we don’t believe workers and their families should pay the price.

“That’s why we are calling for Jobs that Count, where meat workers have certainty about their pay and jobs from one season to the next.”

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