Triangular employment law a step forward

The Employment Relations (Triangular Employment) Bill was last week passed into law in the name of Labour MP Kieran McAnulty with support from Labour, Greens & NZ First.  This was a members’ Bill originally drafted by MWU Organising Director Darien Fenton when she was a Labour MP.  The final Bill gives the right of workers who are employed by one company, but assigned to another to extend any personal grievance claims to both the controlling company (ie the company they are employed by) and the company that they are sent to work in.

This is an important step forward in giving labour hire workers or other workers in three way relationships more rights and fairness.

"It's not perfect" says Darien Fenton.  "My original bill went much further and the NZMWU were disappointed that the Select Committee, including NZ First members were so busy looking for bogies, they couldn't see the real problem facing the increasing number of workers who work in three way relationships.

"However, what the Bill does is recognise the increasing incidence of insecure labour arrangements, where a worker can be hired and paid by one company, yet sent to work in another where that third party employer has all the say, and workers have no rights should they be told "don't come Monday".

"This Bill means those workers, who may be discriminated against, bullied, under trained or in other ways disadvantaged in the job they have been sent to do now have redress against the company they are sent to work in as well as holding the company that pays them accountable."









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