What's ahead in 2017 for Meat Workers?

The biggest multi plant collective agreement in the meat industry has been settled between MWU & Alliance. MWU & Silver Fern Farms head to negotiations this year.  AFFCO Talleys workers continue their long road in getting a fair agreement.  But the biggest challenge in 2017 is changing the government. 

4000 MWU members are covered by the MWU and Alliance collective agreement. Part of the deal is improved union rights and a commitment to working together on joint initiatives.  MWU will be looking to other meat companies to follow Alliance's example in working with, rather than against our union.  

Thousands of MWU members will be involved in collective agreement negotiations with NZ's biggest meat company, Silver Fern Farms.  MWU has initiated bargaining for multi plant agreements in Beef, Venison and Sheepmeat.  This means all union members from different plants in the same agreements, rather than being divided in different agreements across the country.  

The MWU initiated bargaining for South Pacific Meat (SPM) members working in Malvern and Awarua some time ago, but the union is now pushing for dates and good faith bargaining to get these workers into a union agreement.  Meanwhile, AFFCO Talley's has been in mediation with the MWU for some weeks now and members are hoping for a successful outcome.

So there's plenty happening. But the biggest item on any workers' agenda this year has to be the general election.  This is the chance to have our say in who we want to be the government and push for changes that make life better for working people.  

The MWU will be active in the election campaign because it is time to change the government.

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