March 6th - not just any day.

Next Friday 6th March is not just another day for New Zealand workers. It's the day that the changes to employment laws brought in by the National Government begin. Bad employers will try to walk away from bargaining, pay new workers less than the collective and fine workers who take partial strike action.  

Meat Workers Union members employed by AFFCO Talley's won't be marking the day with celebration. But you will hear from them.

Even though they've been in bargaining for more than a year, they're determined to get a fair agreement.

Cutting minimum pay by 23% and increasing their working day isn't fair.  Nor is introducing 8 new claims more than a year after bargaining for a new agreement began.  

But they're not going to give up easily. They know they can do it with your support.  

Come on Talley's, do the right thing.  


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