Jobs that Count a voice in Local Government elections

This year, Jobs that Count is standing up for you in to the Local Government elections. Jobs that Count candidates are standing in the North Island, including two Meat Workers Union members.  Other candidates are signing up to our Jobs that Count pledge and the support is coming in thick and fast. 

Why?  Because local communities need representatives who are prepared to ask the hard questions about what’s going on in our towns and cities for working people who pay the rates, who raise their kids in our towns and expect decent work from local companies.

Too many of us think that local government elections don’t matter and we don’t vote.  But your local council, local board members and DHB reps make a whole lot of decisions that affect us all. 

Jobs that Count isn't asking for much :  a fair share, a decent environment, our communities coming first.  These aren't issues that belong in the Court, even though there is plenty of action there.  This is about who we are and what we contribute in our community, what we expect back from those we elect and those who conduct business in our communities.

Jobs that Count candidates are ordinary working people who care about their communities. You can join with them and help decent hard working people in your town have a voice.  


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